The Brazilian market for the cultivation of grass has evolved in recent years due to market demand for products of high quality and stability in price and supply. Cultivated grass has the advantage of being more homogeneous than native grass, which ensures standardization of grass carpets. Another advantage is that grass is grown throughout the whole year. Grass is produced with the intention to be used for public activities, sports areas, landscaping projects and gardens, among many other purposes. According to the Paulista Association of Grass Growers and the Department of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo, the Brazilian market for grass species is approximately 170 million m², of which 120 million m², or 70%, is native grass and the remaining 50 million m², or 30%, is cultivated grass.


The cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants is a standard activity of family farmers. According to the Brazilian Institute of Floriculture - Ibraflor (2011), it is estimated that there are currently 8,000 producers of flowers and ornamental plants in Brazil, requiring 9,000 hectares of land. The cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants generates 3.5 direct jobs per hectare and produces more than 300 different species.

The benefits that TK47 and Super Greensand provide for the maintenance of lawns, gardens and flowers are:

  • Improves plants appearance
  • Optimizes management: allows potassium to be applied in pre-planting and eliminates fertilizer re-application
  • Improves the cellular structure of the plant
  • Has no salt effect nor chlorine content
  • Increases plants resistance against pests and diseases
  • Benefits the process of photosynthesis
  • Increases the availability of phosphorus in the soil
  • Reduces plant transpiration rate thus reducing water loss
  • Reduces the impact of drought, heat, cold, soil salinity and heavy metal toxicity
  • Contains the elements sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt in small amounts


In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, TK47 offers even more advantages for such cultivation:

  • Corrects soils pH without releasing CO2
  • Releases potassium in a controlled manner according to the needs of the plant

Results of Super Greensand on the Calla Lily Crop 

A study conducted by the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) analyzed the agronomic efficiency of potassium on the calla lily crop, grown in soil and in soil with organic matter. Calla lilies treated with Super Greensand increased its’ average number of buds by 18.33%.