People are increasingly discerning and demanding regarding the quality of their food. Additionally, consumers are concerned about the origin of food and the attitudes that companies exhibit from a social and environmental perspective. The search for organic and natural food is growing. These foods are of high nutritional value, are tastier and healthier.


IBD Certifications, the largest certifier of organic products in Latin America, approved TK47 as an input suitable for organic agriculture.

The benefits that TK47 and Super Greensand offer for organic production are:

  • Improves the visual appearance and quality of food
  • Optimizes management: allows potassium to be applied in pre-planting and eliminates fertilizer re-application
  • Increases the availability of phosphorus in the soil
  • Has no salt effect nor chlorine content
  • In case of drought and loss of crop, the potassium remains in the soil for the next crop
  • Increases plants resistance against pests and diseases
  • Improves the cell structure of the plant
  • Benefits the process of photosynthesis
  • Reduces plant transpiration rate thus reducing water loss
  • Increases plants resistance against drought, heat, cold, soil salinity and heavy metal toxicity
  • Contains the elements sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt in small amounts


In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, TK47 offers even more advantages for cultivation:

  • Corrects soils pH without releasing CO2
  • Releases potassium in a controlled manner according to the needs of the plant