Brazil has 180 million hectares of pasture, of which 110 million hectares is artificial. Pastures are the cheapest and primary source of food for cattle and should be treated as an agricultural crop providing it with the proper amount of nutrients. Correct pasture management is essential to ensure sustainable productivity of the production and agribusiness systems.


The benefits that TK47 and Super Greensand provide for the maintenance of pasture are:

  • Optimizes management: allows potassium to be applied in pre-planting and eliminates fertilizer re-application
  • Improves the cellular structure of the plant
  • Reduces the impact of drought, heat, cold, soil salinity and heavy metal toxicity
  • Benefits the process of photosynthesis
  • Increases the availability of phosphorus in the soil
  • Has no salt effect nor chlorine content
  • Increases plants resistance against pests and diseases
  • Reduces plant transpiration rate thus reducing water loss
  • Contains the elements sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt in small amounts


In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, TK47 offers even more advantages for pasture cultivation:

  • Corrects soils pH without releasing CO2
  • Releases potassium in a controlled manner according to the needs of the plant