“A potash solution for Brazil’s Growing Potash Problem”

Verde Potash Plc is committed to the protection of the health and safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and stakeholders at all stages of our activities including exploration, development, operation and decommissioning. We strongly believe in the principle of “Safe Production” whereby no job is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely. We believe in developing a safety culture based on teamwork and safety leadership. We will continuously strive to prevent injury and illness.

To effectively meet this commitment, Verde Potash and its subsidiaries will:

·  Ensure that all directors, officers, employees and contractors are trained to understand their health and
   safety responsibilities and are motivated to adhere to the Company’s policies and procedures;

·  Comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations at all times, at all locations, and at all
   stages of exploration, development, operations, and decommissioning;

·  Commit to identify and eliminate or control workplace hazards to protect ourselves and others;

·  Establish and maintain standards, procedures and management controls to ensure appropriate health and
   safety considerations are integrated into all aspects of the business in order to minimize occupational

·  Ensure that leadership will be held accountable for creating and maintaining the safety culture of our
   operations and projects. Leadership will demonstrate personal commitment to safety and obtain the      
   personal commitment of all employees and contractors to safety through training, identifying and
   eliminating hazards to protect ourselves and our co-workers. Inherent in that accountability will be the
   commitment of the senior management to provide the resources and foster a culture that results in  

·  Set health and safety performance objectives and targets;

·  Identify potential emergency situations, maintain, and regularly test emergency response plans;

·  Conduct regular audits to determine compliance with this Policy and focus future health and safety
   improvement activities;

·  Conduct regular audits to assess conformance to this policy and implement corrective action plans aimed
   at improving health and safety standards and practices;

·  Create an environment that will involve all employees in the development and implementation of
   procedures and standards that will improve their health and safety. It is the duty of each employee or
   contractor to comply with this policy and cooperate with management to ensure a safe workplace.

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