TK47 is composed of 17% silicon (Si), 40% of which is available to the plant. Silicon is important for the maintenance of plants and soil and one of its characteristics is to increase plants resistance against pests and diseases

The Institute of Agricultural Research of the Cerrado (IPACER) conducted an experiment to evaluate the agronomic efficiency of TK47 on carrots. Two sources of potassium were applied, TK47 and KCl.

In one of the applications of TK47, a reduced amount of some pesticides was applied: Abamex (Nufarm), Engeo Pleno (Syngenta), Caramba®90 (BASF), Comet® (BASF), Cabrio® Top (BASF), Imunit™ (BASF). The area where fewer pesticides were applied produced 5.4 t/ha more than the area in which KCl was applied without a reduction in pesticides. Productivity gains amounted to a total of 8.53% using TK47.

Crop protection